Joe Talks Rentals

Please take a few minutes to view our “Joe Talks Rentals” video. Hopefully it will be time well spent better understanding our store and instrument rental program. Please note, this video is a few years old but everything remains the same except we now require a 10 month school year commitment as opposed to 9 months.

Thank you.

Help Choosing an Instrument


This US Army Field Band video demonstrating the various band instruments should help students that are undecided. Please keep in mind that we do not rent all the instruments that are highlighted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we trade instruments?

Yes, subject to stock on hand. I cannot guarantee that I will have an alternate choice instrument after the first few weeks of the school year.

Can we buy the instruments we are renting?

Yes, I will apply 100% of the rental portion money paid towards the cash value/purchase price.

How many months before I own the instrument? ($) = Prior to 2023

Flute – 31 (35), Clarinet – 33 (35), Alto Sax – 42 (42), Trumpet – 38 (36), Trombone – 38 (36) Violin – 32 (35), Viola – 38 (39), Cello – 36 (34), Snare Kit – 18 (20), Bell Kit –  24 (22).

What is the rental contract value of the different instruments?

($) = Prior to 2023

New -Flute – $961 ($875), Clarinet – $1028 ($875), Alto Sax – $2142 ($1890), Trumpet – $1330 ($1116), Trombone – $1330 ($1116), Violn – $992 ($875), Viola $1178 ($975), Cello – $1440 ($1360), Snare Kit – $378 ($320), Bell Kit – $504 ($352)

Used – Flute $744 ($655), Clarinet $792 ($665), Alto Sax $1680 ($1470), Trumpet $1026 ($864), Trmobone $1026 ($864), Violin $768 ($665), Viola $912 ($741), Cello $1116 ($1054), Snare Kit $288 ($280), Bell Kit $384 ($308).

Can we use our paid rental money towards a step up instrument?

Yes, I will allow up to 12 months worth of rental payments to be applied to the suggested retail price of a step up instrument.

Why the suggested retail price?

My price match guarantee on step up and professional instruments already represents a huge discount off the suggested retail price. You’ll be charged whichever is lower; the suggested retail less your payments or my price match guarantee. You will never pay more than an on-line price for your step up instrument and you will have enjoyed an exceptionally fair value on your rental.

Do I have to use the automatic payment process?

Yes, it’s the most efficient and sure-footed way for me to offer rental instruments. In the long run it saves everyone time and money.

Do you offer insurance?

No, when you rent an instrument you are responsible for loss or damage to the instrument.

What about the $4.00 a month I pay?

That’s for normal maintenance I will do on the instrument and in most cases, repair of accidental damage. If you and your student take reasonable care of the instrument it will cost you nothing additional to have it kept in top playing condition.

How long can we rent the instrument?

After your initial 10 month term, you can continue to rent the instrument month to month for as long as you wish. Keeping in mind that all of our instruments are rent-to-own, so at some point you can end up owning it. 

What happens with the rental at the end of the school year?

If your student is going to play next year it is best not to turn the instrument in over the summer. All of our contracts are rent-to-own and you are building equity as you go. You would loose any credit you have built up and there is no guarantee that you would get the same instrument back next season. Plus, we’re sure they want to practice! 🙂

If your student is for sure not going to participate in music next year…by all means feel free to turn the instrument back in after your June (or 10th payment) payment.

Before returning the instrument please look it over with your student.

Please, only one family member in the store for the return.