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Yamaha Professional Clarinet


The Yamaha YCL-CSVR Clarinet is the result of years of development dedicated to a clearly focused concept: crafting a Custom clarinet that has a beautiful sound, consistent quality, and an affordable price. Both student and professional clarinetists require a rich sound and comfortable playability. These qualities were combined with the high level of consistency that only Yamaha can provide, allowing clarinetists to demand a higher standard than ever before.

Its durable leather pads ensure a precise seal between pad and tonehole for ease of response throughout the entire range of the clarinet. Its custom barrel design provides the CSVR with a well-balanced response and rich, warm tonal colors that will elevate the progressing clarinetists playing. The YCL-CSVR has redesigned keys that offer comfortable, ergonomic hand placement. In addition, the new keys have thicker silver-plating for a dark and resonant sound quality.

  • Select Grenadilla Wood Body, Barrel and Bell
  • Poly-cylindrical Bore
  • Silver-plated Keys and Rings
  • Hand-tapered, Undercut Toneholes
  • 17 Keys/6 Rings
  • Ergonomically Designed Keys
  • Redesigned Barrel and Bell
  • Durable Leather Pads
  • Adjustable Thumb Rest with Neck Strap Ring
  • Blue Steel Springs