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Yamaha Intermediate Alto Saxophone


This Advantage intermediate alto saxophone is a great horn for players of all levels who need more from their instrument. The 300AD is an ideal step-up instrument, perfect for bringing the best out of advancing students. With a design based upon the Pro and Custom saxes, it shares many of their features, including highly accurate intonation, warm tone, and a quick response. The 300AD makes it easy to sound amazing! It is lightweight, durable, and comes with a hard case for easy transport. An improved mechanism from low B to C# ensures a proper seal for these notes which promotes a clear response throughout the low range of the instrument.

  • Gold-plated Lip Plate
  • Sterling Silver Headjoint
  • B-Footjoint
  • Pointed Key Arms
  • Open-hole Keys
  • Undercut and Beveled Embouchure Hole
  • Offset-G Key
  • Nickel Silver, Power-forged Keys
  • Neoprene Key Bumpers
  • Pointed Key Arms
  • Footjoint Marking
  • Pointed Key Arms